Tony Barnhart of and the SEC Network joined Ryan Fowler inside "The Game" to talk about the upcoming season for the SEC and the Crimson Tide.

It's the main conversation piece each year for Alabama: who's going to be the quarterback this season? There was little to no separation during the A-Day game, and now that the Tide are less than a month away from USC, there still seems to be the same miniscule gap between the quarterbacks on the roster. Fowler asked Barnhart for his thoughts on the QB situation in Tuscaloosa, and Mr. College Football definitely thinks Cooper Bateman will be a part of the final conversation.

"You really want to have two when you get to game week, it's hard to rep three quarterbacks on game week. So I wouldn't be surprised if they cut it down to two... And if they cut it down to two, I think Cooper Bateman is definitely going to be one of them."

Last week, graduate senior Maurice Smith announced that he was transferring from the University of Alabama and was looking to move to Athens, GA to play for his former defensive coordinator Kirby Smart. However, SEC rules state that players aren't allowed to transfer to other SEC schools and be elegible to play immediately: for example, a graduate student from Alabama (Smith) is blocked from transferring to Georgia and be eligible to play for the Bulldogs in the 2016 season. Barnhart gave his thoughts on the situation, and also expressed how he feels about the rule in general.

"My feeling is, and I've said this over the years, I think this is an issue where the coaches are doing it because the rules allow them to do it. And Coach Saban made it a point [on Sunday] that this is an SEC rule, and that's fine. I just fundamentally disagree with the rule. I believe... if you're a graduate and you have your degree in hand, you should be allowed to go and play anywhere you want to play."

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