All is right with the world when you can look online for a date and not have to worry about buying all of the "house divided" stuff if things work out. is a project of Sports Dating, Inc. and "offers profile creation, matching, and searching – along with messaging through an email network." Their goal is to help Alabama sports fans find love with other Alabama sports fans. If you consider cheering on the Crimson Tide to be a part of your everyday life and are looking for a like-minded partner, then is the site for you.

Gone are the days when you're scanning online profiles, see someone you think is cute, take a closer look and realize they're wearing an Auburn shirt. Yuk!

Sports Dating Inc. founder Shane Munson said,

We’re thrilled to offer this service to Alabama fans. We released a dating site for Kentucky fans in July 2015 and have had a tremendous response. When looking at other fan bases to offer this service, Alabama has a great following and was an obvious choice.

You are not going to find millions of people on our sites. However, you will find someone that will cheer on your team with you.

Create your free profile now and you just might have a new love to go to Bryant-Denny with by the start of the 2016 football season! Good luck and Roll Tide!