The issue of satellite camps continues to be a hot topic around college football. As the Big Ten and other conferences take advantage of the ability to host work camps away from campus, the SEC and ACC are the only two power 5 conferences that still don't allow it.

The SEC will present its proposal to eliminate these satellite camps to the NCAA very soon, but it's not a guarantee to pass. If it doesn't, some conference teams already have a plan in place moving forward.

But that's not the case in Tuscaloosa. Head coach Nick Saban isn't even sure there's a lot of "value" in this new trend and likes the way he program currently runs its own camp.

"Our camp is not just a recruiting camp," Saban said. "Our camp is to promote and develop and help improve football players for their team. I think we can do that a lot better here in a three-day camp than we can running all over the country doing satellite camps for recruiting purposes."

Saban also had concerns about the logistics of every FBS program having its own satellite camp in different cities around the country.

"I love the system and the way we do it now. If everybody has a satellite camp, every player will have 62 camps to go to. I don't know that works."

You can listen to Saban's entire answer on the topic in the video above.

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