On November 21 this season, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will take on the Boston College Golden Eagles at Fenway Park in Boston, and they'll do so it in new style.

The new kits are called the "Shamrock Series" uniforms, unveiled by Under Armour today, and there's no denying that they wanted to make them as green as St. Patrick's Day for Brian Kelly's Notre Dame squad this season.

There is discussion on whether or not these new "stylish" uniforms are gimmicks in the college game, but one thing is certain: corporations like Under Armour must be making a whole lot of money on them, or else they wouldn't be releasing so many different styles for each of their sponsored teams.

I guess we can thank Phil Knight and Nike for starting this trend with the University of Oregon, but at least they were the trailblazers in this new found tradition.

There has also been rumors that an alternate uniform could be coming the University of Alabama's way this season, but if the contingent of Tide fans have their say about it, that'll never happen.