Pete Fiutak of joined Ryan Fowler to preview the 2016 college football season and to explain his prediction that Alabama will drop two games in Nick Saban's tenth season in Tuscaloosa, and will miss out on making next season's College Football Playoff.

Fiutak posted on Monday to give his thoughts on the upcoming season for the Tide, where he first predicted that Alabama would lose two games, but also came on our airwaves to explain it further.

"It's not that crazy if you think about it... With so much turnover, you're not talking about falling off the map going 7-5, completely stinking it up, but look at the slate: I don't think they'll beat USC, you gotta go to LSU, gotta deal with Tennessee, all these other nasty games on the slate, going to Ole Miss."

Alabama is the only team to have made the first two College Football Playoffs, but Fiutak thinks that streak will come to an end during the 2016 season.

"There's only been one undefeated, coast-to-coast year under Nick Saban, there's going to be a loss somewhere. All you need is one extra bad moment, one extra game, one extra time where he just doesn't pull it out of the fire... You look at the other SEC teams out there, it's going to be a tough year."

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