The 2015 season was one of the most memorable in Alabama football history, not just because the Crimson Tide brought home another championship but because of how it happened. 

Nick Saban had to replace a lot of key players off his 2014 team and Alabama struggled out of the gate. Many national media members wrote this team off and proclaimed the dynasty over in Tuscaloosa before October event began.

But Saban continued to praise his players and talk about how much he loved this team. And he was right.

Alabama played in 12 de facto elimination games and won them all. Adversity never outweighed determination, and that was never more evident than in the national championship game against Clemson. The Crimson Tide trailed a couple of times in that incredible finale but executed to perfection at the biggest moments.

So take a few minutes and enjoy this look back at the 2015 season. It was one of Saban's finest and we'll be talking about it for many years in Tuscaloosa.