Ole Miss released their notice of allegations on Friday concerning the past few years of NCAA violations and Chris Stewart spoke with Mississippi radio host Richard Cross of Head 2 Head Radio to discuss the allegations against the Rebels athletic program.

13 of the 28 allegations against the Ole Miss program mentioned in the NOA pertained to the football program, and many of those under the watch of current head coach Hugh Freeze. However, Cross was adamant about the information that was released by the university was expected by the media who had covered the program over the past few years.

"I do think the poeple who have covered this extensively are saying, and I guess I fall into that category, that most of what was in the report [on Friday] was expected. There was not some nuclear bomb shell that was buried just below the surface that exposed this wide-reaching, crazy network that outlined how Ole Miss has been cheating rampantly over the last four years under Hugh Freeze."

One consequence of the potential for punishment by the NCAA will be what happens to the Rebels on the field. Ole Miss has personally cut themselves 10 scholarships over the next four seasons, along with a self-imposed $159,352 fine. So what will all this mean for the Rebels on the field? Stewart asked this question and Cross gave us his thoughts.

"I don't think you can accurately answer that question today. I think Ole Miss has got to... the penalties, they've been working with the NCAA and these are self-imposed penalties at the point, and they are based on previous precedent and NCAA investigations and also this matrix the NCAA has that says these penalties go along with these violations. So Ole Miss has done, I think, the best job it can at predicting what the NCAA will penalize them with."

You can hear the conversation below, and also you can hear the entire interview in our podcast center.