Alabama defensive tackle Jarran Reed will be in Chicago for the NFL Draft on Thursday, where he's expected to be taken somewhere in the first round. 

At 6-foot-3, 307 pounds, Reed was a force for the Crimson Tide on a defensive front that led the nation in sacks. He finished fourth on last year's national championship team with 57 total tackles.

We've seen him destroy offensive lines, but what sets him apart from other players at his position?

ESPN's Sports Science took Reed into the lab to measure his strength and power. He pushed a 300-pound sled five yards in a faster time than anyone they've ever tested. He produces nearly 35% more power from his legs than Olympic champion Usain Bolt.

Maybe that's shouldn't be a surprise from a guy with thighs that are as big as a lot of men's waistlines.

Check out the full segment in the video below.