You didn't think we'd make it a full week without rain did you? Taking a look at what's to come, James Spann says there's only a “slight risk” of severe weather.

Our weather will be hot and humid on Thursday with a few showers forming early. As for tomorrow evening, the Storm Prediction Center has the standard “slight risk” of severe weather defined for the northwest corner of the state, with a “marginal risk” for the rest of North Alabama, north of I-20.


In his weather blog on Wednesday, Spann stated,

The main window for stronger storms over North Alabama will come from 6:00 p.m. until 12:00 midnight, and the main threat will come from hail and gusty straight line winds. Storms will weaken as they move south, and many locations south of I-20 won’t even see enough rain to measure late tomorrow night.

As for the remainder of the week and the weekend, rain-free, with sunny days and clear nights. Temps will lower as well with a high on Friday close to 80. We'll experience upper 70s Saturday and Sunday.