Keeping an eye on the sky with an afternoon update on the potential for severe weather being shared by the National Weather Service in Birmingham, along with assessment by our severe weather expert Alex Puckett.

It's Super Tuesday primary election day in Alabama and many people are planning to vote when they get out of work, should you be concerned?  Our severe weather expert Alex Puckett has noticed the potential for severe weather has diminished, as the ingredients to cause elevated concerns are just not there.

Alex has noted the NWS is a bit unsure at the moment whether to issue a severe thunderstorm watch, as they monitor storms which may develop to our east.

The updated forecast maps show areas to the north and west of Tuscaloosa having a "limited" threat.  Whereas, areas south and east of Tuscaloosa having an "elevated" threat.

What does that mean?

A limited threat comes with the potential for damaging winds up to 60 mph, hail, and a brief tornado spin up can't be ruled out.  An elevated threat is basically the same, just with stronger winds possible up to 70 mph.

Here are the latest National Weather Service infographics.


Tonight's forecast calls for showers, possibly heavy at times, ending by 9 p.m. Then, turning colder with a low at 40. Wednesday will be sunny and cooler with a high of 57.