Overtime in the Arkansas and Ole Miss game was great. One of the most outrageously unfathomable plays happened when Razorback tight end Hunter Henry caught the ball on 4th & 25 in the Hogs first possession of OT. He was being tackled short of the first down line, but as most do in a last second ditch to win the game, he lateraled the ball nearly 20 yards backwards, and running back Alex Collins picked it up, taking it down the field for an Arkansas first down. But this wasn't the most exciting play of the day.

While the Division I NCAA teams get the most publicity, there's also some good football action in Division III, and the game between St. Thomas and Carleton was ultimately a blowout (St. Thomas won 80-3), but it was this two point conversion that took the cake as "Play of the Day," and it isn't even close.

Going for two when you're about to win a game 80-3 may seem unnecessary (okay, it's really unnecessary), but without this decision, we wouldn't have been blessed to witness the silliest, craziest, stupidest, most insane two points ever scored in football history.