In the aftermath of close games like Saturday’s 48-43 win for Alabama over Ole Miss, factors including decisive plays, impact players and officiating can determine a game's outcome.

During Tuesday’s edition of Southern Fried Sports, host Travis Reier analyzed the present state of officiating in college football.

Alabama’s 48-43 at Ole Miss Saturday took slightly more than four hours to complete. According to the veteran Alabama football observer, the numerous replay stoppages contributed more to the length of the game than the television timeouts.

“That game on Saturday didn’t require four hours and two minutes to complete because of CBS commercial breaks that go longer than some of the network sitcoms. It had a lot to do with how the game was administered and how it was constantly stopped for review.” Reier sad.

As the number of reviews and conferences increased in the second half of Saturday’s contest, Reier posed a rhetorical question.

“What exactly is the need for officials on the field at this point?” Reier asked.

The Southern Fried Sports host later explored how the changes in officiating is impacting football at the high school level and how the use of replay will play a more significant role down the road in football officiating.

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