Know someone who's a beast on the field but may not know how to progress in the game of football? Make sure he attends the tryout for The Alabama Steel team.

The Alabama Steel is apart of the Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League, which gives players a second chance at football...whether it be NFL ,CFL, ARENA FOOTBALL....or even over seas.

The tryouts are being held at the Holy Spirit Catholic School on Saturday, July 16, and there is a $50 registration fee due for all participants. The event will provide players the opportunity to be evaluated by coaches.

(Photo credit: Eddie Hall/Facebook)

If you make the team, fees will be an additional $200. This helps take care of league fees and player highlight videos, team expenses and for the scouts to come to the games.
When asked what makes this combine different from others, Coach Eddie Hall stated the following:

"What makes us different is we are doing more than providing football for these young men...

We also want to pour wisdom into their lives as they grow into Father's and husbands. So in addition to coaching them up to be successful on the field we will Coach them up to be successful off it. We have team Fathers already in place. HR workings that can help with schooling...a team chaplain and many supporters who wanna see these guys succeed."

He also said that the goal of the Alabama Steel organizers is to have all of Tuscaloosa to get behind these men who most will have families and help them achieve their goals while also providing entertainment for families at low cost. The season starts in February of 2017, and of now, there will likely be 5 home games.