In keeping with a 7 year tradition, Gallette's on The Strip will be suspending the sale of Jack Daniels this week since Tennessee is in town! 

The Tuscaloosa landmark has been at the forefront of the "Tennessee Hate Week" festivities across social media since Sunday!

Gallette's is banning all sales of Jack Daniels, the best selling American whiskey in the world, to acknowledge the storied bitterness between Alabama and the Univeristy of Tennessee.

In an interview with, Gallette's co-owner Jeff Sirkin said,

Some people come in and ask for it to see if we really do it. It's not in the bar. We pull it off the shelves. It's gone. I think it just stokes the fire of the rivalry, not that it really needs it.

A lot of the kids that are here in school today, what they don't understand is that Tennessee was a big deal. As big of a rivalry as Auburn at some points.

So if you're a "Jack & Coke" person, Gallette's may not be the place for you this Saturday before the game. Maybe consider giving their famous "Yellowhammer" a try instead!