As we move through the heart of the offseason, no college football conversation is complete without touching on satellite camps. As programs continue figure out how best to manage these additional appearances around the country, Jim Harbaugh and Nick Saban have been the leading voices on each side of the satellite camp debate.

The Michigan head coach has spoken directly about Saban on separate occasions as he defends his position in favor of the camps, while the Alabama head coach has spoken about the larger issues for the sport.   

The question came up again at a Nick's Kids golf tournament in Birmingham when Saban was asked if he would have preferred Harbaugh speak to him privately.

"Look, I have no beef about Jim Harbaugh," Saban told reporters. "Jim Harbaugh is fine with me. I didn't say anything about him. And I'm not saying anything about him right now. Everybody's got the right to manage their program like they want. I'm not in any way critical of anything that's he doing, or done, or said, or anything else. I don't really care. I'm worried about what we do, what our program does, what our players need to do, what our coaches are doing. That's enough for me."

Satellite camps are off and running this summer and the Crimson Tide has been represented at a few so far, but Saban said he definitely won't be attending any personally. He prefers to focus his energy on his own camps in Tuscaloosa.

"We're trying to get guys to cover the camps, but most of our assistant coaches and myself, I'm not going to go to any satellite camps. " Saban said.

He also said that it's more important to him to take advantage of the small window of time he has to spend with his players during the summer.

You can listen to everything Saban had to say on Thursday in the video above.

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