With its win over Georgia this past weekend, Alabama now sits at 1-1 in conference play as they get set to play host to the Arkansas Razorbacks, a team coming off a hard fought win over the Tennessee Volunteers.

The Crimson Tide just embarrassed the Georgia bulldogs this past Saturday, showing that when they play their best, there isn't a team in college football that can beat them. However, it should still be of concern that Alabama hasn't been consistent all season from one game to the next, but if Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin have figured out their offensive identity issues, then we could be seeing a run to yet another national championship for the Tide.

Arkansas isn't living up to their high expectations, finishing last year as one of the more impressive looking teams. They dropped an early game to Toledo earlier this year (yes, that Toledo), but they've played better since then, even though their record may say otherwise.

So who's going to win, and what is going to be the spread of the game? The experts in the desert say Bama by 16 to open up the betting, but what do you think?