Throughout the years, sportscasters including Chris Schenkel, Keith Jackson, Ron Franklin and Vern Lundquist have brought the sights and sounds of college football to viewers across America.

Senior analyst and host of Southern Fried Sports Travis Reier polled his Twitter followers with their choice of college football’s best broadcasting pair of the past 25 years.

Reier also posed the question to WLTZ-TV sportscaster Josh Pate. Pate selected Brent Musberger, Keith Jackson and Ron Franklin among his favorites for their old-school style.

“I am a big fan of the guys that came along in the era where it was before the consultant and the P.R. people programmed you often assembly line and then rolled you into a booth basically. They’re real people in other words.” Pate said.

The WLTZ-TV sportscaster gave a unique criteria for what he likes in a college football play-by-play broadcaster.

“Here’s my rule. Can I picture my play-by-play guy wearing overalls? If the answer is yes, then I like them. That’s why I like the (Ron) Franklins, and I love the (Brent) Musbergers and I love the Verne Lundquists.” Pate said.

Closer to home, hall of fame voice of the Alabama Crimson Tide Eli Gold will broadcast his 28th season of Alabama football beginning September 3 as Alabama takes on USC from Arlington, Texas.

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