Over the past week and a half, we've discussed on air the four best Alabama football players in their respective positions. Last week, it was the offensive players. This week, it's all defense. And when discussing great Alabama players on the defensive side of the ball, coming up with the four best defensive linemen in program history is a tough task.

There are some huge names and huge men when it comes to Alabama defensive linemen: John Copeland, Terrance Cody, Bob Baumhower, Eric Curry, Leroy Cook, and the list goes on and on (funny how this happens with Alabama football lists). On "The Gary Harris Show" and "The Game with Ryan Fowler," listeners and the Twitterverse have been integral in coming up with the best players in Alabama history, and the discussion of the four best defensive linemen featured some obvious names, but also some of the lesser recognized greats.

At the end of it all, we'll collect the most votes for each position and put the names in a bracket to decide the greatest player in Alabama football history.

Below is some of the on air conversations Fowler had with the callers on his show. Be sure to catch "The Gary Harris Show" from 9-11 AM and "The Game with Ryan Fowler" from 2-6 PM each weekday.