Aaron Suttles tackles the big questions inside The Suttles Approach each and every day, and one of the toughest questions to answer is the one concerning the quarterback situation in Alabama: who will be the Tide's signal caller in 2016?

If you ask four people, they'll give you four completely different answers to this great existential question. One will say Cooper Bateman (the presumptive favorite), one would say David Cornwell, another would say Blake Barnett, and the other would mention true freshman Jalen Hurts. This question would be much easier to answer if Alabama head coach Nick Saban would release a depth chart, but asking about that blasphemous depth chart is as pointless as squishing water.

Since everyone has an opinion on the quarterback situation, logic says that Suttles also has an opinion, and his opinion, which is surprising to some, is that Hurts is more ready than Barnett to take the reigns for the Crimson Tide.

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