It's that time of the season yet again. Alabama and Tennessee continue the next chapter in one of the nation's greatest rivalries this Saturday. On the field this game can become intense, but off the field, the fans of both teams know what's at stake, and they approach this game each year with the passion and energy it deserves.

On Tuesday during The Game, host Ryan Fowler asked the audience to give their reasons for hating Tennessee. There aren't many rivalries in sports that feature two teams and two fan bases with such disdain and ill will toward the opposite program like the Third Saturday in October (which is actually being played on the third Saturday in October this year).

These two teams have faced off against each other nearly each year since 1901, with Alabama leading the series 52-38-7 (the 2005 victory was later vacated for Alabama). This rivalry is known for its streaky-ness, and when one team's fan base begins asking if the rivalry is still a true rivalry, the other team suddenly wins and then holds onto the bragging rights, starting up their own winning streak.

There are many reasons for Alabama fans to dislike Tennessee: from that distinguishable orange jersey color, to Peyton Manning leading the band, and even the two most hated words in and around the city of Tuscaloosa: "Phil Fulmer." So what were some of the reasons the audience gave Ryan on his program? Check out some of their phone calls below, and be sure to catch The Game each weekday from 2-6 PM.