Plans for "SEC Tailgating with Jeb" this Saturday (Nov. 7) in Tuscaloosa with the presidential candidate have been nixed. Jeb Bush planned to tailgate with supporters and attend the much anticipated Alabama vs. LSU game later that night. The abrupt cancellation raises the question, why?

This adds fuel to the fire of speculation on why? Some will bring into question what is being called a struggling campaign by some, the website asks, "because he's running out of money?" Mike Dubberly of WBRC-TV cites the Bush campaign "didn't like UA option to be in Ferguson Center. Quad not offered as option."

Those are all valid reasons for the Bush camp to pull the plug, but how much is money a factor in all of this? The Politico website revealed the one time leading presidential candidate had to slash "hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries over the past three months as the struggling candidate's fundraising machine slowed to a more middling pace, new campaign-finance reports indicate."

Business Insider reports, "Jeb Bush's presidential campaign is in trouble. He just cut his campaign budget by 45%, and his staff’s payroll by 40%."

Maybe Jeb will still get a chance to watch this powerhouse match-up of a pair of Top 10 teams battling in the tough SEC West on Saturday in Tuscaloosa, when Alabama and LSU kick off at Bryant-Denny Stadium. In the last debate, we did learn Jeb is a football fan, as he discussed fantasy football.

Jeb even posted a video about it to his YouTube channel, as seen below.