As Valentine's Day approaches, we're all reminded to make sure to get that someone special something that shows your love and appreciation for them. It can be something commercialized like chocolate or teddy bears, or something from the heart like a handwritten card or a home-cooked meal. But here in Tuscaloosa, we focus pretty much everything around football. So what are some things that make us love football in Tuscaloosa?

This seems like a list that could be made up of an almost infinite number of choices, but as with all lists, it has its limits. The love for Crimson Tide football is unlike any other program in the nation, so here are the four top reasons to love Alabama Football!

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    Bryant-Denny Stadium

    There's no better place in the world to watch a football game. Period. It's 101,821 of the loudest, most passionate fans in the world. It's watching the tradition videos during the pre-game. It's the Walk of Champions.

    What else really needs to be said about the one and only Bryant-Denny Stadium?

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    Nick Saban

    He has led the Tide to four national championships in nine seasons. We've never seen a coach walk into a program, turn it around that quickly, and sustain the level of success that Saban has been able to do. It's a special time in fandom for Tide fans. Be sure to love it and respect it, because all good things must come to an end at some point.

    Now, this "end" we're talking about may not happen in the near future, but Saban can't coach Alabama forever. However, he'll be a legend forever in Crimson Tide lore, just like the coach just below here. via YouTube
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    Paul "Bear" Bryant

    If there was no "Bear" Bryant, there probably wouldn't be a Nick Saban at Alabama. Bryant changed the coaching game. 323 career victories, along with his six national championships and 14 conference championships make him a popular choice for the greatest football coach of all time. His iconic houndstooth hat will continue to live with each generation of Alabama fans, and he set the bar for all coaches to reach, present and future.

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    The Rich History and Tradition

    16 national championships. 29 SEC championships. 64 consensus All-Americans. The two greatest coaches in college football history. The solid crimson home jerseys with white numbering and lettering (no change in sight for these iconic jerseys). The script A. Big Al. Sweet Home Alabama. Dixieland Delight.

    Kinda makes you wish Valentine's Day was during football season, huh?

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