The 2011 season almost became one for the history books for the LSU Tigers.

A perfect record, a stingy defense, and an SEC Championship Game blowout propelled the Tigers into a BCS Championship Game rematch against Alabama.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The Crimson Tide shutout LSU in one of the greatest defensive performances in title game history and claimed the school's second national championship in three years by a score of 21-0.

Now, five years later, LSU fans can still hold onto a piece of memorabilia from that one-loss season. Former defensive back Morris Claiborne, who was drafted 6th overall by the Cowboys just months after that loss to Alabama, has his SEC Championship ring listed on Ebay. 

For the price of $100,00, this ring can be yours today. The seller's name isn't specific so there's no telling who is selling the ring, but Claiborne just re-signed with the Cowboys for one year worth up to $3.5 million so you wouldn't think he needs the money.

Here are the pictures of the ring from the Ebay listing.

How much would you play for an Alabama championship ring?

UPDATE: Claiborne has released a statement about the ring.

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