I realize that a lot of Alabama fans are going through withdrawals right now.

Football is more than 200 days away.

That stings to even think about, but it's ok. If you're an Alabama Football fan, you have to wait till A-Day.

But, if you're an ALABAMA fan, there's plenty to keep you busy.

This past Saturday was a prime example.

Gymnastics got it started right, with another Power of Pink victory - defeating Kentucky before the 12th-largest crowd in program history.

If you like sports on the diamond, you had plenty to do.

Patrick Murphy and his squad celebrated Fan Day at Rhoads Stadium, prior to this weekend's start of the 20th season in school history. Murphy told me the crowd arrived before he did - with more than 50 people lined up when he pulled into his parking spot.

On the other side of campus, Mitch Gaspard and the Alabama Baseball team were welcoming more than 200 former players, coaches, and managers back to campus for the program's first-ever alumni game. In addition to the chance to return home, an up close look at the new Sewell-Thomas stadium was a major draw for those in attendance.

While my play-by-play assignment with men's basketball kept me from taking in the actual game, it was really great to spend some time with so many former players that I haven't seen in year, as well as getting to meet many that I never had the privilege to visit with until Saturday. I heard many people say it was one of the most significant days in the history of the program.

Then there was the men's basketball game, where a sellout crowd took in another win for Avery Johnson's men's basketball team. Look, not every seat was full. But that doesn't take away form the significance of the sellout.

Missouri has a proud program, with a rich history. But they are dead last in the league, and may be the only team in the SEC that doesn't go into a conference game with a legitimate chance to beat somebody at the top. I say all of this to say that every ticket being sold for that game, is a clear indication that people are showing up to see Alabama - not the opponent. That's huge, especially given the fact that the Crimson Tide is at least a year away from being a league title contender, as well.

It's ok to miss football. Just don't feel like you have to go into hibernation til April. There's plenty to keep you busy until A-Day.