Many people see Alabama head coach Nick Saban as a robot or a machine, but's Ivan Maisel joined Aaron Suttles on The Suttles Approach to confirm that he is, in fact, a real human being.

On Tuesday morning, Maisel wrote a column on that provided evidence that Nick Saban is a real life, breathing, blinking, walking, emotion-filled human being, just like you and me. So this begs the question: what is it that makes Saban something other than a success-driven robot? As he's become a more experienced and more mature coach, Saban has grown to understand how important his image is to the world of college football, although he may lead you to believe that he doesn't.

"He started out with a reputation of a guy that was difficult to deal with, and there was ample evidence to support that. But I think as he's gotten older, wiser, seeing the bigger picture, that's not who he is anymore. He's still wants it done his way, no matter whether you work for him or cover him, and if it isn't done his way, he gets upset."

Saban's public image has obviously changed over the years, but collectively he isn't thought of as gruff and boorish as he was in the past. There are different theories suggesting what caused this changed in the Alabama head man, and Maisel even had his thoughts. The calamitous tornado in 2011 changed many people's lives, and how Nick Saban reacted with the community during the aftermath was nothing shy of encouraging, evidence that shows it may have helped change his image not just in the local community, but nationwide.

"Some pointed to his response of how shaken he was by the devastation of the tornado and how he did so much for the community in so many ways afterwards. Some people said it was because he became a grandfather. And some people said it was because of the success that he has enjoyed in Tuscaloosa that he doesn't quite feel there's as much to prove."

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