Former Tide linebacker Juwan Simpson was inside "The Game with Ryan Fowler" to break down some college football, but also to discuss how great a job Nick Saban has done since becoming the head coach of the University of Alabama in 2007.

Simpson, like most former Alabama players, had nothing but good things to say about the current head coach, but what he admires about Saban is different than what some other former players may say.

"He's continued to amaze even me, a former player... One thing about him I truly admire from a coach standpoint is that he's going to put the best people on the field. It doesn't matter if you're a senior or whatever, if you're the best player, you'll be on the field."

Everyone knows Saban is a defensive-minded coach, and Simpson takes pride in his ability to play linebacker, so when Fowler asked him if defense is still important in this day and age of college football, Simpson gave a pretty obvious, yet matter-of-fact answer.

"Without a question (defense is still important)... Defense wins championships. You gotta have defense. If you look at all the national championships Alabama has won, or anyone for that matter, they've had an extremely great defense."

You can listen to the entire conversation below.