Inspired by the ESPN 30 for 30 episode detailing the USC dynasty, author Jacob Carter reached out to the unsung heroes that helped build Alabama's current dynasty.

His conversations with the players led to a new book that he just published called The RipTide: The Untold Stories from Those Who Built the Alabama Dynasty.

Carter joined The Gary Harris Show to describe how coach Saban interacts and mentors young athletes as they transition from high school football to the world of college football.

Carter believes that Bear Bryant paved the way for Saban. Without the historic stops, championships and traditions that created how we view Alabama Football, there wouldn't have been the drive to go after a coach that could build a new dynasty putting Alabama back on the pedestal.

"There wouldn't have been the pressure there for Mal Moore to hire Nick Saban." Carter told Harris.

To Carter, the moments that meant the most were when Saban spoke to his athletes that weren't going to make it in the NFL personally and inspired them to never stop working hard. Saban makes personal relationships with his athletes.

You can find Carter's book, "The Riptide" on by clicking here. You can listen to the full interview in the video below. "The Gary Harris" airs live weekdays from 9-11 am, you can listen live online here, or on-the-go by downloading the radioPup app here.