The University of Alabama formally announced Greg Goff as the 31st head coach in the history of Crimson Tide baseball.

I had the opportunity to catch up with the Alabama’s newly hired baseball coach in a one-on-one conversation after Friday’s press conference.

The first things I noticed about Coach Goff were his energy, enthusiasm and his friendly disposition.

Having the opportunity to chat with Goff reminded my past days calling West Alabama football games and recording pregame interviews with another rising star in the small college ranks, current West Georgia football coach and former UWA coach Will Hall. Hall was one of the most affable coaches that I’ve had a chance to interview and Goff came across in similar fashion Friday afternoon.

No matter what level of athletics you’re discussing, the one thing to look for in a team that transcends the box score is their identity.

The identity of Alabama baseball under Greg Goff was a topic I wanted to learn about before letting him go Friday afternoon. The following is what he had to say about his vision for Crimson Tide baseball under his leadership.

“I tell our players all the time. Every time we put that uniform on I want people in the stands to think about how hard you play getting on and off the field, running the bases, having great body language, exuding confidence, playing with some attitude. If you see my teams before, having that dirt bag mentality, nobody is going to outwork us and nobody is going to outplay us. That’s what I want. When kids and fans and the Tide community come and watch us play, that’s what I want them to leave with.” Goff said.

With a proven track record at smaller schools like Montevallo, Campbell and Louisiana Tech, Goff is making his biggest leap in his coaching career in arriving at an SEC school.

The biggest area to look for when it comes to the success of Greg Goff at Alabama is recruiting. Can Goff translate his prior success at smaller schools to the SEC? Can he recruit successfully in the SEC?

If having great players is an indication of building long term success, then Goff’s ability to recruit will give observers a taste to his potential as Alabama’s baseball coach.