It seems like a head-scratcher to many, but a writer for gave his opinion on whether he thinks Nick Saban will stay in Tuscaloosa after the 2015 season.

Scott Roussel, lead writer for, was on with Ryan Fowler inside The Game on Tuesday to talk about his comments and further elaborate what he was trying to say in the piece put together by fellow co-worker Zach Barnett. He claimed Saban is unhappy in T-Town, and also used the term "miserable" to describe how the head coach feels at the University of Alabama.

There were rumors that arose a couple of years ago about Nick Saban possibly considering a move to Austin, TX to coach the Texas Longhorns, so the idea that he may think about another job isn't completely asinine, but given his current situation in Tuscaloosa, it doesn't seem to make a ton of sense.