There was a meltdown on social media when the initial College Football Playoff Top 25 was released, mainly from the inclusion of the Alabama Crimson Tide in the top four. Some may have seen that as a surprise, but it wasn't the biggest shock of the evening.

Sure, not many expected to see the Tide get ranked in the top four, but it definitely wasn't completely out of the realm of possibility. But however shocking it was to see Alabama in the spot they're currently in, it is in no way more shocking than these three happenings that slipped through the cracks because of the national outrage over the fourth ranked Crimson Tide.

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    Oklahoma at #15

    Have the Sooners passed the eye test this season? Depends on which games you've watched. They have two wins over Top 25 teams at the time they played them (a 20-point win over #23 West Virginia and a 7-point win over #23 Tennessee, which OU made a great comeback to steal the victory). Sure, they lost to a struggling Texas squad, but given their last three games (going 3-0 with by a collective score of 160-34), it was a surprise to see that the selection committee didn't rank them higher... especially higher than the team directly below this little write up.

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    Memphis at #13

    Memphis. Yes, Memphis. At #13. In football. I'm not sure what to think of this, and that's why it's such a surprise. Yes, I'm fully aware they beat the Ole Miss Rebels, and rather convincingly, but they struggled with Bowling Green, Cincinnati, and USF, decent teams, but none that should be challenging the #13 team in the country. And also considering they are ranked above undefeated Power 5 team #14 Oklahoma State (yes, they have a weak schedule), it seems odd that this Tiger team would be ranked as the 13th best team in the country right now.

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    Florida at #10

    Maybe it's a product of SEC bias. Maybe it's because of their low preseason expectations, but this Florida Gator team isn't the #10 team in the nation. They deserved to be much higher. The Gators have played the 6th toughest schedule so far, and have the 4th ranked strength of record, according to ESPN Stats & Info. Their lone loss came at the hands of the #2 LSU Tigers. How in the wide world of sports is Florida just #10?

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